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wanna play?
i have no idea what i draw here .3.Derpy Dud emoticon (animated)(also read desc XD)  is something with a bunny i think 
i had a itch to draw yesterday night so i draw this 2 times because my laptop decided to crash yeah but i am still happy about this one tho.3.WOO 
3 am drawing
i couldnt sleep sooooo i thought lets draw to 2.30 am..... turns out i draw to 3 am
welp here i give ya a dragon.3.
midromeda oc contest character design

Power:breath blue fire (havent learn it yet even if she is 17)
Likes:Her teacher, hugs, friends and some good fights
Dislike:See her friends hurts, dont like to be called cute
Weakness: Bullets(she dont have any power skin that can protect her)

she was born on planet with only ashes around her, no life form nor plant form only ashes. she was also born without any parents, only she on a big planet. until one day she found a  ship that have landed on that planet. that ship was there to find life form on that planet. she snuck on board since she smelled a scent that  she hadn't smelled before. when she was on board she found the source of the smell. it was food that she never saw before since she hadn't eat, she was curious what it is was but someone stopped her before she could take a bite. it was a fox man. he saw that she was hungry and that she was just born and didn't know anything about this universe. he took her under his wings and begin to teach her how to fight and teach her how to survive in this world.

years later when she was 10  years she got the hammer from her teacher. he thought it was time for her to learn how to fight back. she thought it was meaningless since war only leads to more war. but he insisted that she would learn how to fight if he wasn't there and she would be attacked she don't know how to fight and she would die.

Month later she began to learn to fight with the hammer and with the body. Even if she was a dragon that looked like she couldn't do flips and bending she sure learn fast how to do it from her teacher.

After a year she could fight with her body and with the hammer and he thought it was time to send her out in war and see how it goes for the little dragon he have raised for 14 years now.

He gave her a necklace to hang the hammer on when she wasn't in fight before he left her for fighting in another universe where it was more dangerous.

2 years later she was like a god in war, no one could stop her when she took out her hammer and helmet and slaughter all the creatures that would take over the universe. Everyone loved her for what she did, but something happened when her teacher  came back from the war in the other universe, he was different, not the same happy old fox. He was more grumpy and had more blood lust, hurt her than before too, but she just shook it off and didn't bother by it.

Then the time have come, it was time to battle her biggest battle ever with her friends and with her teacher beside her. The battle began and blood flied everywhere. She dodged every hit that tried to hit her. Sadly you couldn't say that to her friends. She saw  them begin torn apart body part by body part. She got to see the  death right in the eyes when her friends died, one by one. Until it was her and her teacher left on the battlefield. They tried so hard that it could be done by two people against 100 people. Then it happened a person was running at her trying to kill her, but her teacher jumped in front of her and took the  blow for her. She saw how her teacher's eyes stopped shining  and he went limp, only the last words from him hanged in the air

“be strong don't let your guard down little dragon”. After that she was hit by a bullet that hit her in the side of her. Then it went black for her not knowing what would happen to her later on  in her life.

there it is done i can die in peach now:ICON: Demoman Passes Out  

(this is for the mid
ormeda contest that SeikoloveyCakes holds)
hope you like itUm 



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am just a girl here that like to draw time to time. 3.


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